In The Heart Of A Gopi

The latest bhajans-album of Ellen Molnia, which is filled with dripping devotion, joy and bliss! This album is dedicated to the Divine Couple Radha and Krishna, the Goddess and God of Supreme Divine Love. Beautiful quires and musicians, sounds like the arrival to Heaven. Hope you enjoy the ride!
Love is all – Hari Bol!!!


Ellen Molnia grew up in the north of Sweden in a very loving musician-family. She spent a lot of time playing folkmusic and attending many folkmusic-festivals during her childhood and teenage years. Her main instrument was violin and singing.

She was a very busy seeker in her teenage years and finally made her way to India when she was 19.

Ellen has now spent more than 20 years back and forward in the Holy land of India, where she has been deepdiving into the culture, music and spirituality of Mother India. She has been singing Bhajans (devotional mantra singing) for over 20 years in festivals, events and yogastudios all over the world.

She has a very special way to sing bhajans. Full of devotion, ecstatic bliss, sincerity, playfulness and joy! Many of the bhajan-melodies and songs have come to her through the cosmic airways, from her connection with the Divine. She also sings traditional, ancient chants, but always with her very personal twist of sweetness.

As a multi-musician, Ellen plays different kind of instruments like harmonium, flutes, violin, mandolin, percussion, guitar and piano.

She is also the singer in the unique band “Goloka”, where they mix, worldmusic, techno, folkmusic, mantrasinging, joik and opera.
Ellen also plays and sings other styles of music like funk, soul, ambient, psycadelic rock, singasong music, acid folk etc

She has been performing and has also been playing and singing on albums with artists like Thomas DiLeva, Nicolai Dunger, Kailash Kokopelli, Praful Mystic etc.

As music is Ellens main passion, she sees herself as an instrument of the Divine, where the goal is to leave the little ego out and let the beings of light and love come through her.

So hope you can enjoy and share this gift of music and devotion of a special flavour, that Ellen brings with her.



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